Free Shed Blueprints 10×12 And 7 Facts You Need To Know

These free shed blueprints can help you build a decent outdoor shed in minimum time.

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free shed blueprints foundation

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It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur woodworker or a seasoned handyman, when it comes to building a shed with free shed blueprints it is important to stay organized right from the beginning. To do this you need to ask yourself some vital questions so that you have all the answers before you begin construction. This will make sure that you don’t end up getting any bad surprises after the shed is completed.

Why are you building this shed?

It is very important to have a clear idea of how the shed will be used after it is completed. This will save you a lot of headache later on.

Will you be using it as a storage shed? In that case, what kind of items will you be storing inside? If it is primarily going to be a tool shed then it will need to be built differently compared to a garden shed to store your lawn mower. Think of all possible ways in which you may end up using the shed before you decide the shed design.

What Will The Right Size for the Shed?

It may make sense to build it larger than you current needs because you may need the extra space in the future. Usually people like to build an 8×10 shed and think they will be happy with it. But soon they find that even their shed is filled up with stuff and they need more space.

It is a good idea to build the shed as big as your construction site and you budget will allow. This will be greatly helpful to you and your family in the long term.

Where are you going to build the shed?

Picking the right spot for building the shed is the next most important decision you need to make. The shed needs to be close enough to your home so that it is easy to access but still be far enough from your home and far enough from the neighbors to get some privacy. Check that there is enough space around the shed for the doors and windows to swing open.

Make sure there are no trees close to shed which may drop dead branches on your shed and damage it. Also the roots of such trees can cause a problem when building the foundation.

Make sure the land has enough of a slope for water to flow away from the shed base.

What kind of weather will the shed have to withstand?

Mother Nature can be very cruel to your shed. Heat, snow, humidity and rain will all beat down on your shed one after the other. How will you make sure that the shed and its contents are protected from the elements?

If your area receives a lot of snow and rain then you may want to build a high pitched gable roof for the shed. You will need to use special materials to waterproof the roof and seal all the joints.

If it gets really hot in summer, you will need to make sure your shed has ample ventilation. The doors and windows must be aligned in the direction in which the wind blows. This will make sure that the air keeps circulating always. You will need to make sure the shed base is above your local frost line. If it gets really cold in winter you may want to put artificial heating inside the shed.

    Will you need a construction permit for the shed?

    If your shed is going to be large then you may need to submit the shed blueprints to your local building council and get a permit before you can start construction.

    The rules vary from region to region so it is always better to check first than regret later. Visit the local building department and have a chat with someone to find out the regulations in your area. This is also good from a safety perspective since many building regulations call for additional safety measures to be taken during construction to ensure the stability of the shed.

    How much will it cost to build the shed?

    Once you have finalized the shed design and size, the next important step is to calculate how much it will cost to purchase all the required materials and finish construction?

    The shed plans usually contain a list of all the necessary building materials. Visit you local hardware store with this list and ask them to give an estimate of how much it will cost to purchase all the materials.

    Remember to add the cost of concrete and other materials needed for the foundation. This will help you arrive at a pretty accurate figure.

    Will you need to hire additional help for building the shed? Factor in the labor costs also. Now you should have a good idea of the total cost of building the shed.

    If the costs seem outside your budget, you think about either reducing the size of the shed or using lesser quality timber to cut down the cost.

    How can you select the best shed blueprints for your shed project?

    Both free shed blueprints and shed plans you need to pay for are available in many designs and sizes. Once you have decided on the basic layout and dimensions of the shed (shed blueprints 12×16) it will be relatively easy for you to choose the best shed blueprints. Check that your shed design blends in perfectly with the background landscape. Verify that the blueprints for the shed come with a complete list of materials needed for construction and also have detailed step by step instructions.

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